ViDRILO: The Visual and Depth Robot Indoor Localization with Objects information dataset

ViDRILO is a dataset containing 5 sequences of annotated RGB-D images acquired with a mobile robot in two office buildings under challenging lighting conditions. Each RGB-D image (encoded as .pcd files) is labeled with the semantic category of the scene (corridor, professor office, etc.) but also with the presence/absence of a list of pre-defined objects (bench, computer, extinguisher, etc.). The main novelty of this dataset is the annotation scheme, as well as the large number of annotated RGB-D images. The dataset is released in conjunction with a complete MATLAB toolbox for processing and visualization. This toolbox has been used to assess the dataset in a set of baseline experiments whose results are shown in the experimentation page. ViDRILO is released for use as a benchmark for different problems such as multimodal place classification, object recognition, 3D reconstruction or point cloud data compression.

For a detailed description of the dataset, please see the documentation page. For instructions on how to download ViDRILO, please see the downloads page. The MATLAB toolbox released with ViDRILO is described in the tools page, and rooms and objects pages contain exemplar scenes imaging each on the objects and the room categories.

This work was supported by grant DPI2013-40534-R of the Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad of the Spanish Government, and by Consejeria de Educacion, Cultura y Deportes of the JCCM regional government through project PPII-2014-015-P. Jesus Martinez-Gomez is also funded by the JCCM grant POST2014/8171.

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