3DCOMET: 3D Compression Methods Test Dataset

3DCOMET is a dataset for testing 3D data compression methods. we propose a dataset composed of a set of 3D pointclouds with different structure and texture variability to evaluate the results of a compression method. We provide useful tools for comparing compression methods including the results of currently available compression methods in the PCL library as a baseline methods.

For information about how to cite the database and a detailed description, please see the Documents page. For instructions on how to download the database, please see the Downloads page. The Dataset page contain examples dataset categories. This work was supported by grant DPI2013-40534-R of the Ministerio of Economia y Competitividad of the Spanish Government.

Any enquiry must be sent to:

Miguel Cazorla miguel.cazorla@ua.es
Javier Navarrete javi.navarrete@ua.es